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 We are Matt and Amanda, a husband and wife team, but together we call ourselves MCAG Photography and we are so excited that you are checking out our work!



Are you ready for a little story? In 2014 we met in the magical world of online dating and hit it off instantly. We officially met (you know, in person) in Lowell, MA by the boathouse on the boulevard and have spent almost every single day together since. I am pretty sure we could count the days apart on our fingers and toes. I know it sounds crazy but we just have so much fun together! Within the first few months we had already had dozens of day trips planned and couldn't believe how much we have in common. Working with our other half, traveling and just experiencing life together has been the best experience and neither of us would wish for anything else.



Prior to creating MCAG Photography we were both already working at establishing ourselves as photographers. Matt has over 10 years behind the lens and Amanda has 9 years. We have a passion for finding incredible light and using that to help create beautiful portraits and lasting memories for our clients. We strive to create real moments of genuine laughter, natural smiles and experiences that will last a lifetime. When we aren’t photographing weddings or portrait sessions you can find us on a mountain hiking or skiing, in the woods searching for waterfalls or playing board games in our living room with our kitten Fern.  (Catan anyone?) Oh and we just started our newest adventure, raising son Brandon!

If you have any questions we are an open book and would love to speak with you! 

Looking forward to chatting,

Matt + Amanda






Brandon's first adventure at 2 weeks old.


Our adventurous boy up on Mount Washington, NH


Matt on Mt. Pierce, NH in the middle of January. When you get to walk above the trees, literally. This was one of our favorite hikes.


Waiting for the weather to clear up a bit in Iceland, enjoying van life.


If you couldn't guess, we even hiked for our own wedding!


Colby + Jess did a fabulous job following our special adventure.


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